50+ Best Free Stock Photo Websites

Are you looking for a great free photo to use in your next creative project? Well look no further, I’ve created a list of the best free stock photo websites for you below!

A Word on Licensing

For this best free stock photo list, I’ve only included websites that release their photos under the Creative Commons Zero License or release their photos for free personal and commercial use with some terms.

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0): You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission (View license).

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms): Photos are free for personal and commercial use under individual website terms.

Examples of terms include: not selling photos in their original form, not placing photos on third party stock websites or not using photos for unethical purposes.

Please check each free stock photo website that you use for their individual licenses, terms and conditions.

1. <a href="https://unsplash.com" target="_blank">Unsplash</a>

1. Unsplash

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Excellent photographs and minimal easy to navigate website design.

2. <a href="https://stocksnap.io//" target="_blank">StockSnap.io</a>

2. StockSnap.io

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Easy to sort images by trending, views and downloads.

3. <a href="https://www.pexels.com/" target="_blank">Pexels</a>

3. Pexels

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Huge directory of free images from a vast number of sources.

4. <a href="https://pixabay.com/" target="_blank">Pixabay</a>

4. Pixabay

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Free illustrations and videos as well as high-quality photos.

5. <a href="http://fancycrave.com/" target="_blank">Fancycrave</a>

5. Fancycrave

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Two new images are added to the website every day.

6. <a href="http://freenaturestock.com/" target="_blank">Free Nature Stock</a>

6. Free Nature Stock

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Beautiful photos of stars, sunsets and mountains.

7. <a href="http://gratisography.com/" target="_blank">Gratisography</a>

7. Gratisography

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Visually stunning and whimsical photographs from talented artist Ryan McGuire.

8. <a href=http://snapwiresnaps.tumblr.com/" target="_blank">Snapwire Snaps</a>

8. Snapwire Snaps

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Seven new photos are added to the website every week.

9. <a href="http://skitterphoto.com/" target="_blank">Skitterphoto</a>

9. Skitterphoto

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Beautiful photos of The Netherlands are published on this website.

10. <a href="http://libreshot.com/" target="_blank">Libreshot</a>

10. Libreshot

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Stunning pictures of Czech and Mongolia are included by Photographer Martin Vorel.

11. <a href="https://bossfight.co/" target="_blank" class="broken_link">Boss Fight</a>

11. Boss Fight

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Images are added daily and you can get emails with a downloadable zip file of weekly photos.

12. <a href="https://stocksandwich.com/" target="_blank">Stock Sandwich</a>

12. Stock Sandwich

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

A website by Little Lightbulb where the photography and the photographer are the main focus.

13. <a href="http://cc0.photo/" target="_blank">cc0.photo</a>

13. cc0.photo

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

A unique collection of pictures taken by Raffael Herrmann and his (sadly deceased) uncle Peter Janzen

14. <a href="http://getrefe.com/downloads/category/free/" target="_blank">Refe</a>

14. Refe

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

Diverse collection of free photographs from this Lithuanian website.

15. <a href="https://www.stockified.com/" target="_blank">Stockified</a>

15. Stockified

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Showcases photos of India by WordPress developer Kiran BV and photographer Aditya G Bharadwaj.

16. <a href="https://picjumbo.com/" target="_blank">Picjumbo</a>

16. Picjumbo

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

Edgy photos from a young entrepreneur.

17. <a href="http://kaboompics.com/" target="_blank">Kaboompics</a>

17. Kaboompics

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

Beautiful images from a creative female web designer.

18. <a href="http://barnimages.com/" target="_blank">Barn Images</a>

18. Barn Images

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

Collection of fresh images by two Latvian Photographers.

19. <a href="https://foodiesfeed.com/" target="_blank">Foodies Feed</a>

19. Foodies Feed

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

Boyfriend & girlfriend team working together to create great food photos.

20. <a href="http://isorepublic.com/" target="_blank">ISO Republic</a>

20. ISO Republic

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

Wonderful photos from founder Tom Eversley on this site.

21. <a href="http://scatterjar.com/" target="_blank">Scatter Jar</a>

21. Scatter Jar

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

Beautiful food photos on this easy to navigate website.

22. <a href="http://nos.twnsnd.co/" target="_blank">New Old Stock</a>

22. New Old Stock

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

Vintage photos from the public archive free of known copyright restrictions recapturing history.

23. <a href="http://lockandstockphotos.com/" target="_blank">Lock and Stock Photos</a>

23. Lock and Stock Photos

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Interesting photos of American city life by AJ Montpetit.

24. <a href="https://www.splitshire.com/" target="_blank">Splitshire</a>

24. Splitshire

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

High-quality images from Daniel Nanescu’s extensive catalogue.

25. <a href="http://deathtothestockphoto.com/" target="_blank">Death to Stock Photo</a>

25. Death to Stock Photo

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

Free photo packs sent by email every month.

26. <a href="http://freestocks.org/" target="_blank">Freestocks.org</a>

26. Freestocks.org

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Their cat and dog photos are majorly cute.

27. <a href="http://www.thelightpaintersloft.com/" target="_blank">The Light Painters Loft</a>

27. The Light Painters Loft

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Get photos delivered to your inbox each month by photographer Sabrina.

28. <a href="http://moveast.me/" target="_blank">Move East</a>

28. Move East

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Great travel photos from a Portuguese guy who moved to Asia.

29. <a href="https://www.rawpixel.com/" target="_blank">Rawpixel</a>

29. Rawpixel

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

Donations accepted on behalf of Hope For Children charity.

30. <a href="http://mystock.photos/" target="_blank">My Stock Photos</a>

30. My Stock Photos

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

A curated list of beautiful free stock photos from Spain.

31. <a href="http://startupstockphotos.com/" target="_blank">Startup Stock Photos</a>

31. Startup Stock Photos

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Photos ideal for use by start-up businesses curated by creative agency Sculpt.

32. <a href="http://rightlight.nordwoodthemes.com/" target="_blank">Right Light</a>

32. Right Light

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

On this website by Nordwood Themes you can download both individual photos and themed photo packs.

33. <a href="https://lookingglassfreephotos.tumblr.com/" target="_blank">Looking Glass</a>

33. Looking Glass

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

A lovely collection of photos from a group of Australian creatives.

34. <a href="http://jeshoots.com/" target="_blank">Jeshoots</a>

34. Jeshoots

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Photographs by Czech photographer Jan Vasek.

35. <a href="http://mmtstock.com/" target="_blank">MMT</a>

35. MMT

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Beautiful photos of flowers, leaves and nature feature by photographer Jeffery Betts.

36. <a href="https://nomad.pictures/" target="_blank">Nomad Pictures</a>

36. Nomad Pictures

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Great images from Phill Campbell and Dayle Lang’s random nomadic travels.

37. <a href="http://www.foodeverest.com/" target="_blank">Foodeverest.com</a>

37. Foodeverest.com

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Tasty looking selection of food photographs from a team of people who work in the industry.

38. <a href="http://www.lifeofpix.com/" target="_blank">Life of Pix</a>

38. Life of Pix

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Picturesque Canadian photos from this Advertising agency based in Montreal.

39. <a href="http://negativespace.co/" target="_blank">Negative Space</a>

39. Negative Space

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Good selection of photos that can be browsed by colour and copy space position.

40. <a href="http://travelcoffeebook.com/" target="_blank">Travel Coffee Book</a>

40. Travel Coffee Book

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Travel photos with a link to a one drive folder where you can download all the images.

41. <a href="http://cupcake.nilssonlee.se/" target="_blank">Cupcake</a>

41. Cupcake

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Nice collection of photos by Jonas Wimmerstrom who lives in Malmo, Sweden.

42. <a href="http://shutteroo.com/" target="_blank">Shutter Roo</a>

42. Shutter Roo

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

Download free stock photos captured by web designer Klaye Morrison.

43. <a href="http://freelyphotos.com/" target="_blank">Freely Photos</a>

43. Freely Photos

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Nice collection of photos for Christian projects including Christmas and Easter categories.

44. <a href="http://publicdomainarchive.com/" target="_blank">Public Domain Archive</a>

44. Public Domain Archive

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Atmospheric photos by web designer, photographer and graphic designer Matt.

45. <a href="http://picklejar.in/" target="_blank" class="broken_link">Pickle Jar</a>

45. Pickle Jar

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

A collection of 365 photographs from everyday India

46. <a href="http://www.designerspics.com/" target="_blank">Designer Pics</a>

46. Designer Pics

Free Personal/Commercial Use (Terms)

A collection of Hi-Res photos from Indian web designer Jeshu John.

47. <a href="http://jaymantri.com/" target="_blank">Jay Mantri</a>

47. Jay Mantri

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

A collection of beautiful images by photographer Jay Mantri.

48. <a href="http://minimography.com/" target="_blank">Minimography</a>

48. Minimography

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Striking collection of minimal photographs by Lauren Mancke and Brian Gardner.

49. <a href="http://streetwill.co/" target="_blank">StreetWill</a>

49. StreetWill

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

A curated list of vintage photos to use any way you want.

50. <a href="http://littlevisuals.co/" target="_blank">Little Visuals</a>

50. Little Visuals

Creative Commons Zero License (CC0)

Unfortunately, the photographer who founded Little Visuals passed away, but his work lives on through this website.

Using Free Stock Photo Websites

If you’re like me you could spend all day browsing these great free stock photo websites, so it’s a good idea to bookmark your favourite three or four, and this will save you time on your next creative project.

Finally, It’s always nice to give accreditation and support to the free stock photo websites you use. So credit, share, like and donate when possible.

Am I missing a great free stock photo website in my list? Let me know in the replies section below.

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