The Google Fonts Directory

If you’re a fan of typography, then you’ll love the newest version of the Google Font Directory which has over 800 free fonts perfect for use on websites, apps and desktop programmes.

Download & Install Google Fonts Manually

The Google Fonts directory displays fonts that can be searched, sorted and tested with ease. Once you have selected your chosen font family you can download and install it manually.

However, Google recommends using a fonts manager like SkyFonts to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date version of their fonts.

Download & Install Google Fonts using Skyfonts

Once installed, the Skyfonts programme will automatically update your Google Fonts. Syncing Google Fonts with SkyFonts will also improve your web browsing experience as browsers prefer to use the local version of a font over a web font. To install Skyfonts and browse Google Fonts go to

  • 1. Install Skyfonts

    Go to URL: and click install Skyfonts. You don’t need to sign up for a Skyfonts account to download, install and sync Google Fonts.
    Once installed you can open Skyfonts to manage Settings. If installing Skyfonts on Windows 10 a shortcut to Skyfonts will appear in the taskbar notification area.

  • 3. Install Google Fonts

    You can batch install the top 10, 20 or 50 Google font families, individual fonts or an entire font family.
    In the above instance, I searched for Source Sans Pro, picked Source Sans Pro 200, selected Add entire family, clicked Add and it appeared in my fonts.

Using Google Fonts

Once downloaded you can get creative with Google Fonts by using them in your design projects. What are your favourite Google Fonts? Looking for some font pairing inspiration? View my post on Handwritten Google Fonts & Pairings.

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